Long List of Little Things

The debate about Brexit has focussed on big decisions, such as trade and whether Britain should remain in the customs union.

But Brexit, if it goes ahead, will also throw up a very long list of little things with significant practical consequences for ordinary people in a remarkably wide number of areas and mostly things we didn’t know (or weren’t told about!) at the time of the referendum.

Click on the category headings for a summary of each ‘little thing’ or click on the individual links to find out in more detail. 


Increased waiting time for new medicines

Threat to supply and movement of radioactive isotopes for cancer treatment

One in five doctors from EEA countries already have plans to quit UK

Exacerbating the number of other unfilled posts in the NHS

If you have a prescribed medicine, the cost will go up

Reciprocal healthcare is not guaranteed

Holidays & Travel

Your driving license may not be valid outside the UK

You won’t be able to take your cat or dog on holiday so easily

Increased cost of holidays in Europe

European Health Insurance Card may no longer be valid when travelling or living in EU

Possible return of roaming charges

Queuing at road customs borders

Trips that cross over the 29th March 2018 deadline (or the end-of-transition date)

Extra cost of your passport

No access to pan-EU disability card

International Haulage

Shortfall of permits for UK Hauliers

Public health laboratories at ports will struggle to cope

Queues at Dover and Calais as “Operation Stack” becomes permanent

New paperwork for exports

Improved EU qualifications for bus and HGV drivers may impede UK drivers’ access to EU27

Agriculture & Food

Geographically protected products threatened

Farmers to take a bigger hit than thought through lost EU workers

Shortage of official abattoir vets

Australia is preparing to ask the UK to accept hormone-treated beef


One of Britain’s most successful orchestras leaves UK over Brexit

Film and TV faces serious consequences if freedom of movement for creatives is lost

Ofcom, on behalf of the EU, checks most broadcasting arriving from non-EU countries

British cinema under threat

Threat to rare species as our zoos fall out of EU-wide breeding programmes

UK residents to lose access to Netflix and other digital subscriptions when travelling in EU countries

National Gallery bid to save 16th century painting failed due to drop in value of sterling

Greece may ask for return of Parthenon sculptures

Performers working internationally face several challenges


Horse-racing faces barriers for horses moving between UK and Ireland and France

Sporting events less likely to be held in UK

Premier league could lose talent

Tougher decisions on UK sport than usual


Academic subjects most threatened by Brexit

UK’s international science research reputation at risk


Losing right to use .eu domain names

UK based international broadcasters will have to fall back on pre-internet agreement

Products like iPads require a services deal with EU

Miscellaneous Little Things

Less cross-border legal cooperation

Security co-operation issues

Children of EU27 citizens born in to UK parents may not be able to claim UK citizenship

Serious concerns from architecture sector

Many things that already cost more

Supermarket prices go up

Product sizes reduced

Cost of bread rises

Cost of Christmas dinner up 18%

Easter Eggs could be more expensive – and stale

Laptops up £400

App prices on the rise

Toys to rocket up in price

Pints could go up by 15% if current trajectory continues

Wine lovers face triple whammy Brexit price rise, says UK trade body

Rail fares go up by 4% at the start of 2018

Cost of car repairs up 10% in the event of no deal



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