Long List of Little Things: Sport

Sporting events less likely to be held in UK

Increased cost of visas for athletes and less availability of staff at stadiums (25% of Twickenham staff on match days are EU27 citizens) could force up the price of holding events in Britain. This may cause international sporting federations to look elsewhere when assessing bids for finals and other high profile sporting events.

Premier league could lose talent

Already hit by additional costs for EU players due to the post-referendum fall in the pound, Premier League bosses have concerns over international player quotas (once there is no EU freedom of movement) which may reduce quality of talent in top teams and reduce the lucrative TV rights income.

Horse racing faces barriers for horses moving between UK and Ireland and France

90% of all free movement of horses takes place between Ireland, France and the UK (10,000 horses per year between the UK and Ireland alone). There are serious concerns that racehorses crossing borders for breeding and for race meetings will no longer be covered by common EU rules and will be required to have veterinary checks and export licences, adding delays, burdens of paperwork and considerable extra costs which would damage the industry.

Tougher decisions on UK sport than usual

UK Sport has rejected funding claims for GB Badminton, archery, fencing, goal ball, table tennis, wheelchair rugby and weightlifting prior to the 2020 Olympics due to dual concerns about increased international costs after the post-Brexit fall in the pound, and fears that it will face further government funding costs post-Brexit.