Rebutting Rubbish

There are a lot of untruths concerning the EU that are bandied about. Here are some facts to combat the fictions.

Long List of Leave Lies

During, and after, the referendum campaign a lot of downright lies about the EU and the options for Brexit were regularly spouted by leading Leave campaigners. They are challenged here.


Long List of Little Things

The debate about Brexit has focussed on big decisions, such as trade and whether Britain should remain in the customs union. But Brexit, if it goes ahead, will also throw up a very long list of little things with significant practical consequences for ordinary people in a remarkably wide number of areas  and mostly things we didn’t know (or weren’t told about!) at the time of the referendum. Regularly updated.


Talking about Europe

Eight tips for improving understanding and reducing mischief when talking about Brexit and the EU.



If you were told that 80% of our laws were imposed upon us by an unelected foreign bureaucracy, you would of course consider it to be a democratic outrage. If, on top of that, you heard that it cost us millions of pounds per day for the privilege, you would probably be apoplectic. Yet this is exactly what certain politicians and several newspapers repeat again and again to the British people. And it is a load of nonsense.


Brexology Website

An excellent and regularly updated resource of information on Brexit developments.