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    • By post

      Write to me at my Yorkshire office:

      Karmand Community Centre, Barkerend Road Bradford BD3 9EP

      Or at the European Parliament:

      Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels, Belgium

    • By phone

      My office phone number is 07397 77 55 81.

Advice for constituents

  • A key part of my job is communicating with people, businesses and third sector organisations from all over Yorkshire & Humber. If you live in the region and you would like to contact me, I’d be delighted to hear from you using any of the channels on this page.

    Like all elected representatives, I receive a lot of correspondence, often running to many hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls a day. Many of the messages I receive from Yorkshire & Humber residents fall into one of three main categories.

  • People seeking my assistance

    Just as MPs can take up constituents’ causes related to national legislation and the actions of the UK government, so I may be able to help if you have experienced issues related to European legislation and the actions of the EU.

    Even if I can’t solve a problem directly, I can sometimes write to other agencies and officials to encourage them to address a problem. If you approach me about an issue which doesn’t relate to my jurisdiction as an MEP, I or my staff can often help to put you in touch with a more appropriate respondent such as your local MP or councillors.

    Campaigns on particular issues

    Like all MEPs, I receive a large number of campaign emails asking me to vote a particular way on an upcoming proposal. These campaigns are often organised en masse about a specific topic, so on a single day several thousand nearly identical messages may land in my inbox.

    I always take into account the views expressed to me when deciding how to vote on any proposal. Sadly, it is not possible for me to respond to each email individually.

    Requests for information

    An MEP’s office is a good source of information about all aspects of the European Union. I welcome enquiries from people who have questions about how the EU works, or would like to know the truth behind a report in the media.

    I’ve also posted the answers to the most common and important questions of this type on my website — especially Key issues and Mythbusters. And I have a mobile phone app, Doorstep EU, which contains general information about how the EU works as well as regularly updated analysis of the latest news headlines.