Long List of Little Things: Technology

Losing right to use .eu domain names

The European Commission has announced that all registered UK owners of these domains (over 300,000) will no longer be able to renew their registrations and may see their existing registrations revoked after Brexit. New registrations from the UK will also not be accepted.

UK based international broadcasters will have to fall back on pre-internet agreement

If broadcasting isn’t covered by a the future free-trade deal, the fallback is the 1989 European Convention on Transfrontier Television, the European Commission has said. This convention excludes seven member states, lacks a mechanism for dispute settlement and doesn’t cover online streaming. Broadcasters may decide to relocate to an EU27 country to maintain current levels of access.

Products like iPads require a services deal with EU

“iPads are goods, and without services they’re just very heavy paperweights.” Many products that we consider ‘goods’ are actually dependent on services and will be seriously impacted if the government does not get a services agreement (80% of the UK economy) as well as a trade agreement if it leaves the EU.