Long List of Little Things: Entertainment

One of Britain’s most successful orchestras leaves UK over Brexit

The EU Baroque orchestra, based in Oxfordshire since 1985, has already relocated to Antwerp over fears about added costs and complications for hiring EU musicians without EU freedom of movement.

Film and TV faces serious consequences if freedom of movement for creatives is lost

The UK creative industries contribute around £87 billion to the economy, more than 5% of UK GDP. Britain is the base for many major productions, such as the Star Wars franchise, and hosts the EU headquarters of many US film & TV companies. The sector fears that losing freedom of movement could see an exodus of companies, actors, directors and technical experts – especially in special-effects – from the UK.

Ofcom, on behalf of the EU, checks most broadcasting arriving from non-EU countries

Much of the broadcasting regulation checks across the EU are carried out in the UK by Ofcom but this work will go elsewhere if we leave the Digital SIngle Market. Barriers and licensing requirements for UK programmes (Blue Planet, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, are all massive international hits) if we leave the single market or, worse, crash out without a deal, could cost the industry around £8 billion each year.

British cinema under threat

The UK industry will also lose access to the EU’s Creative Europe fund, which has contributed millions of pounds to seed fund the creation of UK hits such as Slumdog Millionaire, The King’s Speech, ‘I, Daniel Blake’ and Pride.

Threat to rare species as our zoos fall out of EU-wide breeding programmes

Reducing or delaying free movement of animals across Europe would make it harder to ensure access to a broad genetic range for captive breeding programmes, putting rare species, especially those with short lifespans like rodents, at risk in the UK and across the EU.

UK residents to lose access to Netflix and other digital subscriptions when travelling in EU countries

After 1 April 2018 EU citizens who subscribe to a digital service in their home country, such as Netflix, are able to access it across the EU. Leaving the Digital Single Market will mean that this benefit will be lost.

National Gallery bid to save 16th century painting failed due to drop in value of sterling

The UK’s capability to protect valuable artworks from being bought by wealthy individuals abroad, via the ‘temporary export bar’ which gives galleries extra time to raise money, is being diminished and has already failed at least once due to a fall in the value of the pound against the dollar.

Greece may ask for return of Parthenon sculptures

All EU27 national parliaments will have a potential veto on the terms of a post-Brexit UK-EU deal. Greek politicians have discussed using this as leverage to influence long standing diplomatic disputes with the UK. (See also: Spain & Gibraltar.)

Performers working internationally face several challenges

Performers who work across Europe will see an increase in paperwork and incur additional costs when touring and performing abroad, as will EU performers coming to the UK. This will impact upon ensemble performers as well known international talent such as conductors, dancers, actors and musicians, as well as their technical crews.