Long List of Little Things: Miscellaneous

Less cross-border legal cooperation

The Irish supreme court has refused to extradite a man to the UK under an EU arrest warrant for fraud charges as the legal situation post Brexit is unclear. As the exit date approaches more cases like this are expected until the future relationship of the UK with the EU Court of Justice is clarified – one of Theresa May’s red lines that is a sticking point in negotiations.

Security co-operation issues

The Commons Home Affairs Committee has warned that the cooperation between police and security forces across the EU, including but not limited to Europol, European arrest warrants, sharing of intelligence and data on terrorism and serious crimes, will be unlikely to be resolved by the end of 2020, raising the prospect of criminals and terrorists avoiding detection, extradition and conviction.

Children of EU27 citizens born in to UK parents may not be able to claim UK citizenship

Thousands, possible tens of thousands of children born since the year 2000 may not be entitled to claim UK citizenship after Brexit, despite having lived in the UK most or all of their lives.

Serious concerns from architecture sector

Two-thirds of UK architecture firms have had projects put on hold since the referendum, and one-third of firms reported projects being cancelled due to Brexit. Further concerns are about: what happens to the: 20% of the 40,000 architects in the UK who are EU27 citizens and the mutual recognition of qualifications. UK firms are already struggling to recruit and by March 2018, 60% of such architects are considering leaving the UK, up from 40% shortly after the referendum.