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  • Brexit Report January 2019

    January saw Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeated by a humiliating 230 votes which (despite her delaying tactics to try to garner support) made it the biggest government defeat in British history.

  • ‘We are bound by more than just Treaties’.

    Speaking in the final European Parliament session before the May elections, the day after the terrible blaze at Notre Dame de Paris, I reflect on President Tusk’s comments that ‘we are bound by more than just treaties’.

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    Fisking Theresa May’s Grimsby Speech

    Theresa May gave a speech in Grimsby today ahead of the second “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal in Parliament on Tuesday. You can read her speech, with my comments inserted, here.

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    What the heck happens now?

    Looking beyond Westminster procedures, government splits, and other shenanigans, there are only four possible outcomes of the Brexit saga.

  • Speaking in Portcullis House

    I was invited to speak to members on the left of the political spectrum on the the possible way forward to a second referendum on Brexit.

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    People’s Vote Rally at Parliament Square

    Speaking at the People’s Vote rally, minutes before the meaningful vote is announced on 15 January.

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    Navigating the Brexit Deadlock

    Within 24 hours of losing the ‘meaningful vote’ by an unprecedented margin, Theresa May defeated a vote of No Confidence in her government. So how does Parliament proceed?

  • Interview on Sky – 14th December

    Interviewed on Sky News alongside Charles Tannock MEP to discuss the developing situation with Brexit, as Theresa May returns empty handed from Brussels two days after the damaging no-confidence vote from her MPs.

  • Sky News Interview – 25 November

    On the day that the EU Council agreed the Withdrawal Agreement and the text of the Political Declaration, I was interviewed by Adam Boulton on Sky News.

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    Deadlock on Brexit due to paralysis inside Tory Party

    Speaking in the Conclusions of the October EC debate as the UK government misses yet another deadline, leaving only a few months remaining to negotiate any Brexit deal.

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    The Tory’s Costly and Chaotic Brexit

    Speaking in the European Parliament debate in preparation for the next European Council meeting on 18-19 October, I point out that the Brexit being offered to the UK, including Leave voters, is not what they were told and not what many voted for.

  • Sky Interview 24th September

    Interviewed by Adam Boulton while at Labour conference.

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    Leeds For Europe

    Speaking on a panel at the Leeds for Europe event in September on why there are increasing calls for a People’s Vote.

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    Don’t Fall for the Decoy!

    Make no mistake: the government impact papers outlining the dire consequences of a no-deal Brexit are intended to frighten everyone into supporting a deal – any deal, if it manages to secure one. These papers are a decoy.

  • LBC Radio Interview – 27th August 2018

    Radio Interview with LBC’s Matt Stadlen on Brexit, the People’s Vote campaign and Labour’s evolving policy position. (8 minutes long.)