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  • courtesy Ingenhoven Architects via Flickr

    European investments in the UK

    The European Investment Bank is the bank of the EU’s member states. The bank’s lending to the UK has increased by 37% since 2012. Over the last year, investment into the UK from the bank accounted for 11.2% of all EIB lending to member states — the highest of any country. These loans are helping, […]

  • courtesy Graham Norrie via Wikimedia Commons

    Silence, bully and intimidate: a campaign strategy

    Yesterday, I reported on the strongly pro-European stance adopted by Britain’s universities. Vice-chancellors are queueing up to raise the alarm about a possible Brexit, pointing out that a ‘No’ vote in the upcoming referendum would not only cut off a critical source of funding for their work, but would rip British researchers out of vital […]

  • University of York

    Why universities need Europe

    Later this evening, the Times Higher Education Supplement will publish its rankings of the top 100 universities in the world which were founded in the past 50 years. In previous years, British universities have been very well represented in the list. In 2014, no country in the world had more entries on the list than […]

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    Framework Programme 7

    Question In light of the answer given to Question E-010150/2014, can the Commission explain why 708 projects had participants from only one country, given that one of the objectives of the framework Programme is to foster cross-border cooperation and networking? Answer Most projects referred to by the Honourable Member are funded through either European Research […]

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    Seventh framework programme (FP7) funding for Israeli projects

    Question A preliminary study of the CORDIS database for the FP7 programme has shown that many projects with Israeli coordinators had no other partner, no EU partner, or only Israeli partners. Could the Commission clarify how many FP7 projects have Israeli coordinators and how many projects are Israel-only? Answer According to the statistics available on […]

  • EU funding for Leeds communities

    Having been involved in Brussels in the negotiations on the EU’s new seven-year budget framework, it was fascinating to get an insight into a local community’s plans about how to make good use of it here in Yorkshire, when I attended a consultation workshop held in New Wortley Community Centre earlier this week. Part of […]